drug dealer's confession

car chase and barfight

Michael Urban turned himself to the police and is in custody. He can relay following info:

He was getting a new drug ingredient from the Son of Lycaon which is in reality werewolf spit (but Michael doesn’t know that).

Should Kanika Shaghal succeed on a difficulty 3 roll he can also confess to being abducted and interrogated by Oskar Lokkjuson on the matter of his collaboration with the Son of Lycaon.

Obaj zamordowani wcześniej mężczyźni (investigate 1st murder scene, investigate 2nd murder scene) to rywale Michaela – pierwszy to konkurencyjny dealer, który go okradł z narkotyku ze śliny wilkołaka, a prezenter pomagał mu go rozprowadzić w swoim środowisku.

drug dealer's confession

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